[ step-doun ]
/ ˈstɛpˌdaʊn /
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adjective Electricity.

serving to reduce or decrease voltage: a step-down transformer.



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Origin of step-down

First recorded in 1890–95; adj. use of verb phrase step down
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British Dictionary definitions for step-down

step down

verb (adverb)

(tr) to reduce gradually
(intr) informal to resign or abdicate (from a position)
(intr) informal to assume an inferior or less senior position

adjective step-down (prenominal)

(of a transformer) reducing a high voltage applied to the primary winding to a lower voltage on the secondary windingCompare step up
decreasing or falling by stages

noun step-down

informal a decrease in quantity or size
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Idioms and Phrases with step-down

step down


Resign from office, as in He threatened to step down if they continued to argue with him. [Late 1800s]


Reduce, especially in stages, as in They were stepping down the voltage. [c. 1900] Also see step up, def. 1.

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