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step aside

  1. Withdraw, make room for a replacement, as in The senior researcher decided to step aside for a younger colleague . [Second half of 1900s]

  2. Move out of the way, as in Please step aside—I've got my arms full of groceries . This usage was first recorded in 1530.

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Example Sentences

But they tell him that at a border crossing each day the guards step aside so all the maids and gardeners can come in.

The agent kindly instructs you to step aside while they investigate.

Judges are not required to step aside in cases in which they own bonds in one of the parties or receive royalties from a litigant.

But if she really cared about her legacy, she would step aside.

Obama has continued to express confidence in his attorney general, and Holder has given no indication that he would step aside.

Never had they known him to step aside one foot, to pause or hesitate one moment, to avoid any of them.

And, as Ulama came towards them, he signed to her to step aside, out of the line of fire.

Step aside from the trodden footpath of personal experience, throwing away the petty cynicism bred of petty hopes disappointed.

We cannot step aside amid the heat and dust of the conflict between light and darkness, to read lessons upon legal technicalities.

It must be hard to care for a child for twenty-three years, as she says, and then have to step aside for a stranger.