[ step-fah-ther ]


  1. the husband, by a later marriage, of one's parent.


/ ˈstɛpˌfɑːðə /


  1. a man who has married one's mother after the death or divorce of one's father

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Other Words From

  • step·fa·ther·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stepfather1

First recorded before 900; Middle English stepfader, Old English stēopfæder; step- + father ( def )

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Example Sentences

Power restored to 2 million homes in Texas, but nearly half of state still told to boil waterPineda and the boy’s stepfather, Manuel Moreno, 38, immediately called 911, she said.

A Fort Worth, Texas native, she moved at age 12 with her mother and stepfather to New York City.

My stepfather gathers the wood and builds a fire, my mom brings out blankets and we watch the flames dance in the darkness, skewering marshmallow after marshmallow for as many s’mores as our stomachs will allow.

My stepfather called him Richard the Kid, because he was always on the make and never showed signs of settling down.

There’s the Christmas tree her stepfather was too drunk to mount in a stand.

His stepfather had left his mother and they could no longer afford the house in which they lived.

Antron McCray was with his mother for most of his interrogation, his stepfather for all of it.

A 7-year-old Las Vegas boy might be sitting in a third-grade classroom had he not been beaten to death by his stepfather.

If Jax is capable of killing his stepfather Clay, is he capable if killing his own mother?

After the film came out, my stepfather said to me, ‘I hope you’re not doing any writhing in your next one.

"I am a very sincere friend of your stepfather, and I hope a sincere friend of yours also," he said with perfect coolness.

"Regarding the secret relations between your stepfather and Doctor Weirmarsh," he answered.

Afterwards she went to her stepfather and suggested that perhaps they might leave Conflans earlier than he had resolved.

Not exactly, except that I heard my stepfather denounce the doctor as an infernal cur and blackguard.

The signature, which was first to be glanced at by the girl, read: "From your affectionate stepfather, Willis Morgan."


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