[ stet ]

verb (used without object),stet·ted, stet·ting.
  1. let it stand (used imperatively as a direction on a printer's proof, manuscript, or the like, to retain material previously cancelled, usually accompanied by a row of dots under or beside the material).

verb (used with object),stet·ted, stet·ting.
  1. to mark (a manuscript, printer's proof, etc.) with the word “stet” or with dots as a direction to let cancelled material remain.

Origin of stet

1815–25; <Latin stēt, present subjunctive 3rd person singular of stāre to stand

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How to use stet in a sentence

  • The Crown retired from the suit with a stet processus, and Mr. Bradlaugh was left with the laurels—and his costs.

  • You were going to give me my regular ten days vacation next week, you know, continued stet to Darry.

    Bound to Succeed | Allen Chapman
  • He had just finished cutting a weeks supply of kindling wood in the wood shed, when stet popped into view over the back fence.

    Bound to Succeed | Allen Chapman
  • In the privacy of his room, Orne pressed the transceiver stud at his neck, said: "stet?"

    Operation Haystack | Frank Patrick Herbert
  • This thought alarmed her and so she smiled very sweetly at stet as she murmured, "Would you mind reading this?"

    Helpfully Yours | Evelyn E. Smith

British Dictionary definitions for stet


/ (stɛt) /

  1. a word or mark indicating that certain deleted typeset or written matter is to be retained: Compare dele

verbstets, stetting or stetted
  1. (tr) to mark (matter to be retained) with a stet

Origin of stet

Latin, literally: let it stand

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