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[stee-vuh nz]
  1. Alfred,1817–75, English painter and sculptor.
  2. George (Cooper),1905–75, U.S. film director.
  3. John Cox [koks] /kɒks/, 1749–1838, and his son Robert Livingston, 1787–1856, U.S. engineers and inventors.
  4. John Paul,born 1920, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1975–2010.
  5. Net·tie Marie [net-ee] /ˈnɛt i/, 1861–1912, U.S. cytogeneticist.
  6. Thaddeus,1792–1868, U.S. abolitionist and political leader.
  7. Wallace,1879–1955, U.S. poet.
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[stee-vuh n]
  1. a male given name.
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Historical Examples of stevens

  • Mr. Stevens was born in Middlesex county, Massachusetts, January, 1821.

  • The Stevens brothers exerted their influence also on naval construction.

    The Age of Invention

    Holland Thompson

  • Stevens defended—bad, bad, bad, smirking all the while with small faceti.

    The Manxman

    Hall Caine

  • I then returned with Mrs. Stevens and her children to lunch on board the yacht.

    The Last Voyage

    Lady (Annie Allnutt) Brassey

  • We'd decided on that; he'd been in command for almost ten years, ever since Commander Stevens died.


    Lyn Venable

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  1. Thaddeus (ˈθædɪəs). 1792–1868, US Radical Republican politician. An opponent of slavery, he supported Reconstruction and entered the resolution calling for the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson
  2. Wallace. 1879–1955, US poet, whose books include the collections Harmonium (1923), The Man with the Blue Guitar (1937), and Transport to Summer (1947)
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masc. proper name, anglicized form of Stephen (q.v.). A top 20 name for boys born in the U.S. between 1949 and 1976; the -ph- form was more popular until 1960s.

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stevens in Science


  1. American biologist who identified the role of X and Y chromosomes in determining the sex of an organism. Stevens studied the chromosomes of mealworm beetles, first establishing that chromosomes are inherited in pairs. She later showed that eggs fertilized by X-carrying sperm produced female offspring, while Y-carrying sperm produced male offspring. She extended this work to studies of sex determination in various plants and insects.
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see even-steven.

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