/ (ˈsɪfɪ) /

nounplural -fies
  1. slang an erection of the penis

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How to use stiffy in a sentence

  • stiffy, once roused, made an excellent accomplice, though he had no initiative of his own.

    A Safety Match | Ian Hay
  • stiffy's schooling, Nicky's boots, the curate who had to come—all were laid upon the table.

    A Safety Match | Ian Hay
  • stiffy and Mahooley ferried them across team by team in the scow they kept for the purpose.

    The Huntress | Hulbert Footner
  • A few yards beyond the shack he met stiffy and Mahooley riding to supper.

    The Huntress | Hulbert Footner
  • "Now we must meet Daphne," said stiffy, as they left the restaurant and hailed a cab.

    A Safety Match | Ian Hay