[ stim-suhn ]


  1. Henry L(ewis), 1867–1950, U.S. statesman: secretary of war 1911–13, 1940–45; secretary of state 1929–33.

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Example Sentences

A state water quality regulator who visited the Oceanside site praised the Stimson field work, according to a 2019 memo.

Stimson, which supplies two-by-fours to Home Depots across the country, in February 2018 hired a public relations company, Quinn Thomas.

Stimson, one of two companies that owns the majority of the watershed, has said the town’s water issues were unrelated to logging.

In internal documents, Quinn Thomas urged Stimson to get noticed for doing good things to help repair the damage to its reputation that came after its cutting in Rockaway Beach.

The trooper went out, and when his comrade came in, Stimson laid a strip of paper before him.

"That wouldn't go very far if we brought the charge against you," said Stimson grimly.

It was half an hour later when the rest of the troopers arrived and Stimson had some talk with their officer aside.

Stimson appeared to consider for almost a minute, and then gravely rapped his companion's arm.

The next morning he was surprised by an early visit from Stimson of the embassy.