[ stim-yuh-luh nt ]
/ ˈstɪm yə lənt /


Physiology, Medicine/Medical. something that temporarily quickens some vital process or the functional activity of some organ or part: Adrenalin is a stimulant for the heart.Compare depressant(def 4).
any food or beverage that stimulates, especially coffee, tea, or, in its initial effect, alcoholic liquor.
a stimulus or incentive.


Physiology, Medicine/Medical. temporarily quickening some vital process or functional activity.

Origin of stimulant

First recorded in 1720–30, stimulant is from the Latin word stimulant- (stem of stimulāns, present participle of stimulāre to goad). See stimulus, -ant


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British Dictionary definitions for stimulant

/ (ˈstɪmjʊlənt) /


a drug or similar substance that increases physiological activity, esp of a particular organ
any stimulating agent or thing


increasing physiological activity; stimulating

Word Origin for stimulant

C18: from Latin stimulāns goading, from stimulāre to urge on; see stimulus
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Medical definitions for stimulant

[ stĭmyə-lənt ]


An agent that arouses organic activity, strengthens the action of the heart, increases vitality, and promotes a sense of well-being.


Serving as or being a stimulant.
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Scientific definitions for stimulant

[ stĭmyə-lənt ]

An agent, especially a drug, that causes increased activity, especially of the nervous or cardiovascular systems. Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant.
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