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[ stim-yuh-ley-ting ]


  1. causing interest, inspiration, or incitement to action:

    We offer a stimulating work environment with lots of opportunity for growth.

  2. inciting; acting as a cause:

    Rapid technological change is described by some authors as a stimulating factor in the decline of traditional ways of growing food.

  3. having the property of exciting a nerve, gland, etc., to its functional activity:

    This plant tincture has a stimulating effect on the liver, spleen, and digestive system.

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Other Words From

  • stim·u·lat·ing·ly adverb
  • non·stim·u·lat·ing adjective
  • self-stim·u·lat·ing adjective
  • sem·i·stim·u·lat·ing adjective
  • un·stim·u·lat·ing adjective
  • un·stim·u·lat·ing·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of stimulating1

First recorded in 1640–50; stimulate ( def ) + -ing 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Or, if your show is about ideas, then I think it has to be intellectually stimulating first.

While not the most stimulating for those less passionate about cattle, Grandin made it interesting.

By stimulating regions of the brain, the preservation of muscle activity and sensation can be confirmed.

At first this is integral to the fantasy; it's visually stimulating.

I decided not to let a wonderful, stimulating quarter-century at Vogue be diminished.

And she fell to scolding him in the way he usually loved,—but at the moment found less stimulating for some reason.

This was a somewhat singular mode of stimulating, but he deemed it the wisest course, and acted on it.

Peruvian guano is more stimulating than either, and makes a light-colored, thin leaf.

Successive defeats, and the formidable front of the enemy, make it the more stimulating.

The tea was delicious in its first delicate infusion; the pickled plums most stimulating to a morning appetite.





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