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[ stim-yuh-lahy ]


  1. the plural of stimulus.

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Example Sentences

For example, lack of response to painful stimuli indicates deeper unconsciousness and more severe injury.

How a Dutch social-media star and her strange aural stimuli helped combat my chronic insomnia.

Once in school, the children are confronted with a flood of confusing and potentially upsetting stimuli.

“You would expect the same response to the same stimuli,” Hirsch said.

Should there be another stimulus—the third, after the Bush and first Obama stimuli?

And the most vivid First Impressions always result from the action of the intellect upon the sensuous stimuli from ear and eye.

The patients either do not tell the truth, or have very elastic notions as to moderation in the use of alcoholic stimuli.

In such a case we call the engrams of the two stimuli "associated."

(b) It gives the same response to stimuli which do not differ in relevant ways.

I will merely refer here to certain other stimuli which have in many cases aroused sexual excitement for the first time.