[ stich-uhp ]

nounBritish Informal.
  1. a scheme of deception that exploits or falsely incriminates someone, possibly leading to a false arrest; a setup: These allegations against the mayor are part of an outrageous stitch-up.

Origin of stitch-up

First recorded in 1980–85; stitch + up

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How to use stitch-up in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for stitch up

stitch up

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to join or mend by means of stitches or sutures

  2. slang

    • to incriminate (someone) on a false charge by manufacturing evidence

    • to betray, cheat, or defraud

  1. slang to prearrange (something) in a clandestine manner

  1. slang a matter that has been prearranged clandestinely

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