[ stuh-kas-tik ]
/ stəˈkæs tɪk /

adjective Statistics.

of or relating to a process involving a randomly determined sequence of observations each of which is considered as a sample of one element from a probability distribution.

Origin of stochastic

1655–65; <Greek stochastikós, equivalent to stochas- (variant stem of stocházesthai to aim at) + -tikos-tic


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British Dictionary definitions for stochastic

/ (stɒˈkæstɪk) /


  1. (of a random variable) having a probability distribution, usually with finite variance
  2. (of a process) involving a random variable the successive values of which are not independent
  3. (of a matrix) square with non-negative elements that add to unity in each row
rare involving conjecture

Derived forms of stochastic

stochastically, adverb

Word Origin for stochastic

C17: from Greek stokhastikos capable of guessing, from stokhazesthai to aim at, conjecture, from stokhos a target
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Scientific definitions for stochastic

[ stō-kăstĭk ]

Involving or containing a random variable or variables.
Involving chance or probability.
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