stock dove

[ duhv ]

  1. a cosmopolitan wild pigeon,Columba oenas, of Europe.

Origin of stock dove

1300–50; Middle English stokdove; compare German Stocktaube; so called because it nests in hollow tree trunks

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How to use stock dove in a sentence

  • The stock-dove, one of our pretty wild pigeons, nests in colonies in rabbit-burrows, as does the brown owl.

    Poachers and Poaching | John Watson
  • Mrs. Wordsworth, in all her enthusiasm for Wordsworth's beautiful address to the stock-dove, took the old woman to her heart.

    Quips and Quiddities | William Davenport Adams
  • Inside the sticks were the feathers and part of the skeleton of a stock-dove.

    The Swan and Her Crew | George Christopher Davies
  • Among the feathered tribes they mention the “thrush and stock-dove.”

    The Indian in his Wigwam | Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • Among the feathered tribes they mention the "thrush and stock-dove."

    The American Indians | Henry R. Schoolcraft

British Dictionary definitions for stock dove

stock dove

  1. a European dove, Columba oenas, smaller than the wood pigeon and having a uniformly grey plumage

Origin of stock dove

C14: so called because it lives in tree trunks. See stock

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