stock whip

  1. a whip with a long lash and a short handle, as used to herd cattle

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How to use stock whip in a sentence

  • And as we went, and the day came, I swung my long stock-whip and shouted when it cracked.

    A Tramp's Notebook | Morley Roberts
  • Donald's harness, saddle, stirrup-leathers and stock-whip hung on pegs near the back door.

    The Pioneers | Katharine Susannah Prichard
  • In his hand he carried a white stock-whip, which he balanced upon his hip.

  • The slackly gathered reins were held in the left hand, while from the right wrist dangled a thick stock whip.

    The Yellow Rose | Mr Jkai
  • But in the hands of a novice it is, like the Australian stock-whip, prone to do everything that the wielder does not wish.