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/ stɒks /

plural noun

  1. history an instrument of punishment consisting of a heavy wooden frame with holes in which the feet, hands, or head of an offender were locked
  2. a frame in which an animal is held while receiving veterinary attention or while being shod
  3. a frame used to support a boat while under construction
  4. nautical a vertical post or shaft at the forward edge of a rudder, extended upwards for attachment to the steering controls
  5. on the stocks
    on the stocks in preparation or under construction

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Example Sentences

But when he saw that all his neighbours were also heading to the stores for stocks, he changed his mind.

Commercially, stocks, advertising, publishing, the early radio industry—all that stuff was still downtown.

It reminds me of the days when people were put in stocks in the square.

Investors liquidating Russian stocks have pushed the main stock market index down more than 20 percent since last October.

One of the more fascinating bits of the book has to do with the proliferation of exchanges on which stocks can be traded.

And by the facility of her fornication she defiled the land, and played the harlot with stones and with stocks.

A Hibernian, seeing an old man and woman in the stocks, said that they put him in mind of "the babes in the wood."

Although the whipping-post and stocks used to be common things in English towns, we saw them preserved only at Bottisford.

It was their hope to put him out of business by adding hardware to their stocks and to sell it at cost, until he gave up the ship.

When it was resolved that the army should be reduced to seven thousand men, the stocks fell.


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