[ stuh-kou-skee, -kawf-, -kawv- ]

  1. Le·o·pold An·to·ni Sta·ni·slaw [lee-uh-pohld ahn-toh-nee stah-nee-slahf], /ˈli əˌpoʊld ɑnˈtoʊ ni stɑˈni slɑf/, 1882–1977, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in England.

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How to use Stokowski in a sentence

  • For elegant tailoring he has no peer among orchestral chiefs, except, perhaps, Mr. Stokowski.

  • Mr. Stokowski is inordinately fond of gadgets and fancies himself as quite a technical expert.

  • Mr. Stokowski's doings of the last few years can no longer be classed as minor-league musical sensations.

  • Mr. Stokowski's dialectic vagaries are among the mysteries in which, for his own good reasons, he has chosen to wrap himself.

  • Mr. Stokowski in those days couldn't let creamed oysters alone, but neither could he take them.

British Dictionary definitions for Stokowski


/ (stəˈkɒfskɪ) /

  1. Leopold. 1887–1977, US conductor, born in Britain. He did much to popularize classical music with orchestral transcriptions and film appearances, esp in Fantasia (1940)

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