1. completely cold


  1. (intensifier)

    stone-cold sober

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Idioms and Phrases

Unfeeling, insensible, as in That sad story left her stone cold . This analogy was already used by Shakespeare in Henry V (2:3): “Cold as any stone.”

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Example Sentences

But a stone-cold death threat to my cell phone — that was a new one.

The last two Wall Street clients Caine worked with were both “stone-cold alcoholics” in their 40s.

A woman called in to read Stone Cold the riot act for not giving her family autographs at an event.

There was stone-cold silence from the dozen other assembled Democrats—a reaction that Lieberman found “very troubling.”

But the stone cold fact is his children still love him, just as much as they love their mother.

The fire had been lighted; but it had long ago burned out, and the ashes were stone cold.

And she put forth her hand and touched her face, and it was stone-cold; and she found that she was dead beyond any question.

Which was scarcely strange, inasmuch as the scent was already stone cold when we first struck it.

Did you think me so much of a beast as to believe that I would take you stone-cold!

I drink it in one gulp; it is stone-cold, certainly, but that does not matter very much.


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