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stop motion


, Movies.
  1. Also called stop frame. the process of filming puppets and other objects one frame at a time while incrementally moving or modifying them, giving the illusion of lifelike motion when the captured film frames are viewed in rapid sequence (often used attributively): a stop-motion film.

    stop-motion animation;

    a stop-motion film.

  2. Also called stop action. a special effect in cinematography, carried out while shooting, in which the performers stop their motion and the camera is stopped while an object or performer is added to or removed from the scene, with camera movement and action then resumed for the remainder of the scene: used to create an illusion of sudden appearance or disappearance of persons or objects (often used attributively).



    1. a technique used in animation and photography in which a subject is filmed then adjusted a frame at a time
    2. ( as modifier )

      stop-motion animation

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Example Sentences

Stop-motion animation artist PES has unveiled a new short this week.

IBM scientists used thousands of atoms to create “A Boy and His Atom,” a film with 242 frames of stop-motion action.

The stop-motion animation took about 18 months, but with pre-production, where you storyboarded every single shot, it did add up.

He could do two live-action features in the time took us to do a stop-motion film.

There is a lot to be said about stop-motion animation and the meticulous work that is put into those projects.

That power which acts upon a body, either tending to create, or to stop motion.

The shrill toot of the little whistle which commanded the engineer to stop motion became a throb in a sore tooth to Jim.

Usually, the point emphasised in the pictures bought is the shutters' ability to "stop motion" at their high speeds.

A breakage of the yarn allows this spring to act; contact is made, and the stop motion operates as before.

At a is the slot for receiving the arm from the speeder and from the stop motion.





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