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/ stɒps /


  1. functioning as singular any one of several card games in which players must play their cards in certain sequences

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Example Sentences

President Harry Truman kept a sign on his desk that read: “The Buck Stops Here.”

He stops the monologues and we begin to chat about the script.

People scream, the orchestra stops playing, and the stage manager whisks the diva into the wings.

Hitchcock stops, savoring the scene, and repeats that the robes are open.

Well, we thought we were as good as home, but then he began to make stops.

As soon as ever this squalling stops I'll find out; I can't go on like this!

The Great organ, consisting of the front pipes and other loud-speaking stops.

Depression of these key-touches brought different combinations of stops into use on the keyboard above which they were placed.

These toe-pistons form an additional and most convenient means for bringing the stops into and out of action.

It becomes impossible to use the combination pedals without disturbing the stops and couplers of the Pedal department.


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