storage capacity

  1. the maximum number of bits, bytes, words, or items that can be held in a memory system such as that of a computer or of the brain

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How to use storage capacity in a sentence

  • The iPhone 4S comes in three models based on storage capacity.

  • It was half empty at the time, and three long flights of steps were bare that would be covered when the storage capacity was used.

  • A dam was built in 1875, and later raised eleven feet higher so as to afford more storage capacity.

    The Lake of the Sky | George Wharton James
  • The maximum available storage capacity is given in this case merely to show possibilities.

    The Passaic Flood of 1903 | Marshall Ora Leighton
  • It is certainly to be regretted that vessels are no longer built with the wonderful storage capacity of the Mayflower!

    Yule-Tide in Many Lands | Mary P. Pringle and Clara A. Urann