[ stawr-fruhnt, stohr- ]


  1. the side of a store facing a street, usually containing display windows.
  2. a store or other establishment that has frontage on a street or thoroughfare:

    After the fire the family took shelter temporarily in an abandoned storefront.


  1. of or relating to the frontage of a store, especially the display windows:

    a storefront sign.

  2. located or operating in a storelike area, room, or set of rooms fronting on a street:

    a storefront community center.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of storefront1

First recorded in 1935–40; store + front

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Example Sentences

This has also fueled the rise of the ghost kitchen, where a restaurant need not even have a storefront to operate.

From Eater

An effective way to do this is to open a branded storefront so that readers are purchasing on-site rather than via third-party retailers.

From Digiday

Team officials said that arrangement was unrelated to Özil possibly playing here, though it’s hard to believe an unknown coffee brand with storefronts only in London wasn’t part of broader ambitions.

Recess has focused on promoting its products among frontline workers and busy parents, instead, while also prioritizing its Amazon storefront.

From Digiday

This a major oversight for such an important storefront, and one that should be remedied urgently with the holiday season already underway.

From Digiday

Promo shots for Dee Dee King, taken by famed rock photographer Bob Gruen, are also on display at the Storefront Gallery.

As you walk down Shuhada Street, you see one shuttered storefront after another; hundreds of them.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Half a dozen men sit on the floor in a grimy rented storefront in the crowded Khyber Bazaar.

Neatly hung laundry still dangled over the main street from the second-floor balcony of an apartment above a blown-out storefront.

Throughout the small mountain town, storefront and house windows bore decals of his son's face and the plea, "Bring Bowe Home."

Kurt and Alan examined every gap between every storefront on Augusta, no matter how narrow.

Kurt lived in the back of a papered-over storefront on Oxford.

The main braces of the storefront were still there, bent outward a little, but not broken.


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