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/ stɔːz /

plural noun

  1. a supply or stock of something, esp essentials, for a specific purpose

    the ship's stores

  2. munitions slung externally on a military aircraft airframe
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Example Sentences

But when he saw that all his neighbours were also heading to the stores for stocks, he changed his mind.

He noted that some retail stores that benefit from Christmas sales still instruct employees to wish customers “Happy Holidays.”

But the increasing number of fraudsters bringing back wares to stores to make an illicit killing has  become impossible to ignore.

On Thursday, Russian bloggers published pictures of empty shelves in stores that once sold electric goods.

You can even buy containers of their Cereal Milk in select stores.

The Spanish troops did not care to venture past a block of buildings in which were the offices and stores of a British firm.

They also seized the lake gunboats, took an entire Spanish garrison prisoner, and captured a large quantity of stores.

Lerida, in Spain, surrendered to the French general Suchet, who found large quantities of stores.

Competing stores needlessly occupy the time of hundreds of thousands of employees in a mixture of idleness and industry.

One man, more fortunate than his comrades, continued to use with much economy the most precious of all his stores—tobacco.


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