storm centre


the centre of a cyclonic storm, etc, where pressure is lowest
the centre of any disturbance or trouble

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Historical Examples of storm centre

  • His daily duty lies in the storm-centre, in the very midst of the sea-war.


    David W. Bone

  • The famous maelstrom is the storm-centre, so to speak, of the down-tending flood.

    Nature Mysticism

    J. Edward Mercer

  • There was nothing to be seen of Quinton Edge, but surely he would not be far away from the storm-centre.

    The Doomsman

    Van Tassel Sutphen

  • The storm-centre of the fighting had moved away from them; above their heads the stars shone serenely.

    The Doomsman

    Van Tassel Sutphen

  • Towards the other European storm-centre, also, the Prince's attitude continued to be very different to that of Palmerston.

    Queen Victoria

    Lytton Strachey