/ (ˈstɒtə, Scot ˈstotər) Scot dialect, mainly Glasgow /

  1. to stagger

  1. anything outstanding, esp a good-looking person

Origin of stotter

from stot ²

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How to use stotter in a sentence

  • Further Mrs. stotter, who had been a midwife for so long and was still merely “very respectable.”

    Walter Pieterse | Multatuli
  • There was no more draft in this corner than is usual to corners; but Mrs. stotter was only a Vrouw, and not a “Juffrouw.”

    Walter Pieterse | Multatuli
  • Juffrouw Laps was now forced to turn to Mrs. stotter, though she felt that she was letting herself down in appealing to a Vrouw.

    Walter Pieterse | Multatuli
  • The reader will have noticed that Mrs. stotter digressed from the theme.

    Walter Pieterse | Multatuli
  • Yes, Mrs. stotter, when you are here you must drink with us.

    Walter Pieterse | Multatuli