adjective, straight·er, straight·est.



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Origin of straight

1250–1300; (adj.) Middle English; orig. past participle of strecchen to stretch; (adv. and noun) Middle English, derivative of the adj.

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British Dictionary definitions for straight up

straight up

sentence substitute

British slang honestly; truly; exactly



not curved or crooked; continuing in the same direction without deviating
straightforward, outright, or candida straight rejection
even, level, or upright in shape or position
in keeping with the facts; accurate
honest, respectable, or reliable
accurate or logicalstraight reasoning
continuous; uninterrupted
(esp of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat
not crisp, kinked, or curlystraight hair
correctly arranged; orderly
(of a play, acting style, etc) straightforward or serious
journalism (of a story, article, etc) giving the facts without unnecessary embellishment
US sold at a fixed unit price irrespective of the quantity sold
boxing (of a blow) delivered with an unbent arma straight left
(of the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine) in line, rather than in a V-formation or in some other arrangementa straight eight
a slang word for heterosexual
informal no longer owing or being owed somethingif you buy the next round we'll be straight
slang conventional in views, customs, appearance, etc
slang not using narcotics; not addicted


in a straight line or direct course
immediately; at oncehe came straight back
in an even, level, or upright position
without cheating, lying, or unreliabilitytell it to me straight
continuously; uninterruptedly
US without discount regardless of the quantity sold
(often foll by out) frankly; candidlyhe told me straight out
go straight informal to reform after having been dishonest or a criminal


the state of being straight
a straight line, form, part, or position
British a straight part of a racetrackUS name: straightaway
  1. five cards that are in sequence irrespective of suit
  2. a hand containing such a sequence
  3. (as modifier)a straight flush
slang a conventional person
slang a heterosexual person
slang a cigarette containing only tobacco, without marijuana, etc
Derived Formsstraightly, adverbstraightness, noun

Word Origin for straight

C14: from the past participle of Old English streccan to stretch

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Word Origin and History for straight up
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Idioms and Phrases with straight up

straight up

Served without ice, generally said of an alcoholic drink, as in He ordered a martini straight up. Straight was first recorded with this meaning in 1874.


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