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straight shooter


  1. a person who is forthright and upstanding in behavior.

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Example Sentences

That’s where I felt a connection to the character as far as my music is concerned because Omar was aggressive, he could tussle, he was a straight shooter.

For instance, Arnon Mishkin, Fox News’s decision desk leader, is known as a straight shooter by observers across the political spectrum, not beholden to the right-wing figures at his network.

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But Olsen also has a reputation for being a straight shooter, not a political player.

Biden is such a straight shooter that pundits say he needs a muzzle.

The Daily Show host and inciter of sanity was a straight shooter when it came time for him to interview President Obama.

Now that Larry King Live is over, we'll miss that straight-shooter approach in 2011.

He asked me to tell you that he's a straight-shooter and he wants to speak to you.


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