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[strey-tuh s, strat-uh s]
noun, plural stra·ti [strey-tahy, strat-ahy] /ˈstreɪ taɪ, ˈstræt aɪ/.
  1. a cloud of a class characterized by a gray, horizontal layer with a uniform base, found at a lower altitude than altostratus, usually below 8000 feet (2400 meters).
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Origin of stratus

1795–1805; < Latin strātus; see stratum


  1. a combining form representing stratum in compound words: stratiform.
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Origin of strati-

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British Dictionary definitions for strati


combining form
  1. indicating stratum or stratastratiform; stratigraphy
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noun plural -ti (-taɪ)
  1. a grey layer cloudCompare cirrus (def. 1), cumulus
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Word Origin for stratus

C19: via New Latin from Latin: strewn, from sternere to extend
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Word Origin and History for strati



"a low layer of cloud," 1803, from Latin stratus "a spreading," from stratus, past participle of sternere (see stratum).

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strati in Science


[strătəs, strātəs]
Plural strati (strătī, strā)
  1. A diffuse, grayish cloud that often produces drizzle and is formed primarily in altitudes no higher than 2,000 m (6,560 ft). A stratus cloud close to the ground or water is called fog. See illustration at cloud.
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