[ strat-n ]


  1. Charles Sherwood General Tom Thumb, 1838–83, U.S. dwarf who performed in the circus of P. T. Barnum.

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Example Sentences

Stratton, the consultant, said the NCAA’s decision to allow players to profit from their names, images and likenesses may lead them to stop signing off on training facilities using photos of them on social media or in promotions.

On a friend’s annual birthday snowboarding trip in Stratton, Vermont, when I caught my toe edge and fell head first 20 feet down the mountain, I landed on a lump of ice, which resulted in a bruised trachea and a concussion.

Stratton has not been found, nor has Harry Rosenberg, 57, who lived two floors below her.

The best answer Sutton offers is a statement by the preacher John Roach Stratton back in 1918.

Stratton Oakmont was a classic boiler room—it even inspired a 2000 movie called Boiler Room.

A search for this name in the parish registers of Tetcott and Stratton has proved unsuccessful.

Obtaining leave to retire, he returned home to Stratton, and died in the same house in which he was born.

The Oxford crone speaks with a Cornish accent, and some think that she hailed from Stratton.

She was a great help to Miss Stratton and I would like her to have the position permanently at the nursery.

Miss Stratton, a kindergarten teacher, needed the work on account of having an invalid sister to support.