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[strous; German shtrous]
  1. Isidor,1845–1912, U.S. retail merchant and politician, born in Bavaria: congressman 1894–95 (brother of Nathan and Oscar Solomon Straus).
  2. Nathan,1848–1931, U.S. retail merchant, born in Bavaria.
  3. Os·car [os-ker; German aws-kahr] /ˈɒs kər; German ˈɔs kɑr/, 1870–1954, Austrian composer.
  4. Oscar Solomon,1850–1926, U.S. diplomat, jurist, and government official, born in Bavaria: Secretary of Commerce and Labor 1906–09.
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  1. Oscar (ɔskar). 1870–1954, French composer, born in Austria, noted for such operettas as Waltz Dream (1907) and The Chocolate Soldier (1908)
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