/ (streɪz) /

pl n
  1. Also called: stray capacitance electronics undesired capacitance in equipment, occurring between the wiring, between the wiring and the chassis, or between components and the chassis

  2. telecomm another word for static (def. 9)

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How to use strays in a sentence

  • At dawn the next day she strays far out to aPg 156 forest, where she finds a hermit.

    Frdric Mistral | Charles Alfred Downer
  • Trim the roots a little, and cut off the strays or runners from each plant.

    The Book of Sports: | William Martin
  • No one in the yard knows how the old clock got there,—it probably drifted there, as have so many other waifs and strays.

    The Old Furniture Book | N. Hudson Moore
  • I went hungry for fresh beef, and gave those sharks over forty good strays.

    Wells Brothers | Andy Adams
  • After a change of mounts for the foreman, Dell and the trail boss drifted the strays up the creek.

    Wells Brothers | Andy Adams