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/ ˈstriːkɪŋ /


  1. an act or instance of running naked through a public place
  2. television light or dark streaks to the right of a bright object in a television picture, caused by distortion in the transmission chain

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Example Sentences

The protection will last as long as Winston can still fling the ball 50 yards downfield to a streaking wide receiver.

Carter had never been so exhausted; he was in so much pain, and so spent, that tears started streaking from his eyes.

The small claws were already streaking up toward them, shining metal spheres going fast, racing frantically through the ash.

The fat pale eyes woman was standing over both of them, tears streaking her face.

Planes that flew as fast as the one that had gone streaking off across the sky represented danger.

Some Indians on their way to a war dance at Shakopee came streaking along all painted up.

The rush of air, as he tore along, sent his broad-brimmed hat flying, and set his hair streaking out behind him.


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