street address

[ street uh-dres, ad-res ]


  1. the name or number of a building along with the name of the road or street on which it is located, especially when used to specify a location or as a mailing address:

    The front page of the deed must state the property's street address and map parcel number.

    Please include your street address, as packages cannot be shipped to a post office box.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of street address1

First recorded in 1875–80
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Example Sentences

In early 2011, the Internet service provider alerted the owner of the IP address that I was seeking his street address.

It has a unique ability to track severe weather as it approaches down to the minute, and to the street address.

Why else tell us the exact street address of the social club Saverin frequented?

That is the 831 Pauline Street address is not at all familiar?

The heading of a letter contains the street address, city, state, and the date.

There was another struggle in my mind, whether I should even now admit my knowledge of the Mission Street address.

But it must not be so divided that the street address will appear in one place and the town and state in another.

He found her card with the Guilford Street address and went over to Bloomsbury, hoping to find her in to tea.





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