street food

[ street food ]


  1. ready-to-eat food sold on the street or in a park, open-air market, or other outdoor public place.
  2. a particular food sold in an outdoor public place.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of street food1

First recorded in 1860–65

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Example Sentences

In Adams Morgan, a pop-up brings Bolivian cocktails and street food courtesy of Carla Sanchez and her brother.

The warmer months usher in a unique joy and vibrancy as the city comes alive with park picnics, bountiful farmers markets, the aromas of street food fairs, and uncharacteristically cheerful New Yorkers.

From Eater

Health care workers suddenly have time for sit-down meals rather than rushing to grab street food during a spare free moment.

Courtesy of Vice Asia, enjoy this search for street food through the famous Grand Bazaar.

From Time

Unlike other recent taqueria openings, this one takes inspiration from both street food and home kitchens, as well as international influences.

Street food and strange food were on the rise; mulitas and bulgogi were everywhere.

It was amusing to see Berlin street food reinvented and elevated.

How do you create street food in a luxurious way without going overboard?

Susan Feniger's Street in Los Angeles is a restaurant entirely devoted to wild street food!





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