[ strep-suh-rahyn, ‐rin ]

  1. belonging or pertaining to the suborder Strepsirrhini, which includes lemurs, bush babies, pottos, and lorises.

  1. a strepsirrhine animal: modern taxonomy classifies the strepsirrhines and the haplorhines as the two suborders of primates.

Origin of strepsirrhine

First recorded in 1955–60; from New Latin Strepsirrhīnī, plural of Strepsirrhīnus, from Greek strepsi- (stem of strépsis “a turning round,” equivalent to strep-, variant stem of stréphein “to twist, turn”) + -rhīn “-nosed,” adjective derivative of rhī́s “nose, snout”; see origin at rhino-; cf. catarrhine, haplorhine, platyrrhine

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