[ strep-tuh-kahr-puh s ]
/ ˌstrɛp təˈkɑr pəs /


any of various plants belonging to the genus Streptocarpus, of the gesneria family, native to Africa and Asia, having showy white, pink, or purplish flowers and often cultivated as a houseplant.

Origin of streptocarpus

< New Latin (1828); see strepto-, -carpous; so named in reference to the tight spirals formed by the ruptured seed capsules
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British Dictionary definitions for streptocarpus

/ (ˌstrɛptəˈkɑːpəs) /


any plant of the typically stemless subtropical perennial genus Streptocarpus, some species of which are grown as greenhouse plants for their tubular flowers in a range of bright colours: family Gesneriaceae

Word Origin for streptocarpus

New Latin, from Greek streptos twisted + karpos fruit (from the shape of the capsule)
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