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[ stroon ]


  1. covered or overspread with something scattered or sprinkled (used in combination):

    We saw men, women, and children scavenging for recyclables, both in the actual dump site and along the garbage-strewn streets of the city.

  2. dropped in separate pieces or particles over a surface; scattered:

    The dancers led a candlelight procession through the district, following a path of strewn marigold petals.


  1. a past participle of strew.

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Other Words From

  • un·strewed adjective
  • un·strewn adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of strewn1

First recorded in 1610–20 as a verb, and in 1725–35 as an adjective

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Example Sentences

It’s a pothole-strewn maze of regulations and supply chains that companies must navigate to get their vaccine distributed, eventually to almost every person on the planet.

In addition to 14 stationary drivers in the center, the outer speakers rotate at the ends of the perforated case in order to direct sound right where you need it without the need for extra devices strewn about your living room.

There might be hundreds of millions or even billions of these sites strewn across the lunar surface.

On my most recent trip, I initially picked up a walking stick because the so-called trail we were following—the Western Uplands, in Algonquin Park—turned out to be one long river of rock-strewn, boot-sucking mud.

Lab counters were strewn with pipettes and roughly smartphone-size plastic plates that held 96 semi-spherical wells, each about a half-centimeter in diameter, in 8-by-12 grids.

When Louise and Bibi returned to their home, they found it strewn with ammunition and pockmarked with mortar craters.

The world had become a different place and I found myself unequipped to interpret a whole new landmine-strewn nomenclature.

It was pure good fortune that landed the Gathering in Licking County, a farm-strewn block of land east of Columbus.

Now those are destroyed, too, and the animals are strewn about, bloating and stinking, as if in a tableau of “Guernica.”

The Great War claimed many more victims long after the torn, corpse-strewn landscape of France and Flanders had healed.

Broken crocks should be strewn upon the tray, and on to this is heaped peaty soil mixed with sand.

Indeed, it seemed that could Perry's wish have been complied with, I should be back on the "lead-strewn fields of Cuby."

My dear sir,” said Aristide, “trust in me, and your path and that of the charming Mrs. Ducksmith will be strewn with roses.

Suddenly the moon appeared between the branches, and then the waves were strewn as if with countless stars.

This Catacomb has been often rifled, and the galleries are strewn with marble fragments of its monuments.


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