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strike down


  1. tr, adverb to cause to die, esp suddenly

    he was struck down in his prime

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Example Sentences

The Court also ruled, in United States v. Windsor, to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

But it could have been worse--they didn't strike down Section 5.

The Supreme Court did not strike down separate but equal until you were eight years old.

It took 50 years after Marshall penned his opinion in Marbury for the Supreme Court to strike down another act of Congress.

If those polls are accurate, then there is no need for the Supreme Court to strike down the law.

Occasionally, on the other hand, a Scot would leap out from the ranks and strike down horse or rider.

The Great Spirit did not make men powerful, that they should strike down and kill the weaker animals.

Turn the wheels with burning heat against him, and strike down the weapon of the impious fiend, O Rudras!

A community has no more power to strike down the rights of man by Constitutions, than by any other means.

Taylor tried to strike down some of the guns that were leveled through the broken door.





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