string up

Hang; also, kill by hanging. For example, They strung up their Christmas lights in October, or The mob wanted to string him up on the nearest tree. [Early 1800s]

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How to use string up in a sentence

  • In a general mix-up, we'll be in it together, and there ain't no law to string up the whole push.

    Blue Goose | Frank Lewis Nason
  • But if a string is attached to one end it may be unfastened by pulling the string up through the gimlet hole in the door.

  • He lowered it gently, drew the string up, leaped to the ground outside the wall, and held up his hands to her.

  • He had the men string up a line from our direct current generator in the shops, to supply power for his electrical instruments.

  • If you know how to do it you can lift your string up with one hand, and scoop the net under the crab with the other.