string orchestra

  1. an orchestra consisting only of violins, violas, cellos, and double basses

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How to use string orchestra in a sentence

  • At first only the string orchestra is heard, always pizzicato.

  • If there is music have a string orchestra concealed behind palms in a corner of the hall or dining-room.

    Breakfasts and Teas | Paul Pierce
  • As soon as they are good enough I will annex them to our string orchestra.

    A "Y Girl in France | Katherine Shortall
  • A string orchestra—conducted by Strauss himself—played French melodies of the eighteenth century.

    Robert Orange | John Oliver Hobbes
  • Occasionally he heard interesting sounds from below, music from a string orchestra, laughter of women, and the bass voices of men.

    Suzanna Stirs the Fire | Emily Calvin Blake