[ string-ee ]
/ ˈstrɪŋ i /

adjective, string·i·er, string·i·est.

resembling a string or strings; consisting of strings or stringlike pieces: stringy weeds; a stringy fiber.
coarsely or toughly fibrous, as meat.
sinewy or wiry, as a person.
ropy, as a glutinous liquid.

Origin of stringy

First recorded in 1660–70; string + -y1


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British Dictionary definitions for stringy

/ (ˈstrɪŋɪ) /

adjective stringier or stringiest

made of strings or resembling strings
(of meat, etc) fibrous
(of a person's build) wiry; sinewy
(of liquids) forming in strings

Derived forms of stringy

stringily, adverbstringiness, noun
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