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strip mall


  1. a retail complex consisting of stores or restaurants in adjacent spaces in one long building, typically having a narrow parking area directly in front of the stores.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of strip mall1

First recorded in 1990–95
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Example Sentences

Goehner-Jacobs had just moved to the area and fallen in love with that 10-hectare patch of green in the midst of apartment buildings and strip malls.

The same unassuming strip mall features the Galloping Hen, a brunch joint whose bold claim to “The Best Homemade Chorizo in Ventura” I cannot deny.

B is one of many private efforts that we’ve seen emerge to fill the gaps in America’s health system, from the private covid-19 testing sites that have overtaken strip malls to health-care tech companies entrusted to schedule vaccine appointments.

These old zinfandel vineyards are often ragtag collections of vines planted as much as a century ago, gnarled with age, their story nearly drowned out by the encroachment of housing developments, highways and strip malls.

She tracked the location of her oldest daughter, who had driven straight to the tattoo shop, and as she pulled into the strip mall she could see police cars and an ambulance.

Next door, a strip mall popped and hissed as unknown accelerants aided in its fiery destruction.

The group posed for photos in the strip mall parking lot, brandishing their weapons and the American flag.

The reunion weekend began at a VFW hall in a non-descript strip mall in Plano—the Casey Joyce All-America Post 4380.

His 12-gauge pump-action shotgun was purchased for $279 at Lock N Load, a gun store in an Oldsmar strip mall, authorities say.

He went back for him the following day, stabbing him in a strip-mall parking lot.





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