striped hyena

  1. a hyena, Hyaena hyaena, of northern Africa, Arabia, and India, having a grayish coat with distinct blackish stripes.

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How to use striped hyena in a sentence

  • This species, though smaller than the striped hyena, is of a fiercer nature and more dangerous.

    The Vee-Boers | Mayne Reid
  • It was a striped hyena; they could see the hair bristle on its back as it passed them with a whining growl.

    The Ghost Kings | H. Rider Haggard
  • This as much as anything else caused it to resemble the hyena—that is, the species known as the “striped hyena,” (Hyena striata).

    The Young Yagers | Mayne Reid
  • The striped hyena, although the best known, is in my opinion the least interesting of his kind.

    The Bush Boys | Captain Mayne Reid
  • This is also a striped hyena, and nearly all naturalists have set him down as of the same species with the Hyena vulgaris.

    The Bush Boys | Captain Mayne Reid