[ stroh-fan-thuhs ]

noun,plural stro·phan·thus·es.
  1. any of various shrubs or small trees belonging to the genus Strophanthus, of the dogbane family, chiefly of tropical Africa.

  2. the dried, ripe seed of any of these plants, which yields the drug strophanthin.

Origin of strophanthus

<New Latin (1802) <Greek stróph(os) twine + ánthos flower

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/ (strəʊˈfænθəs) /

  1. any small tree or shrub of the apocynaceous genus Strophanthus, of tropical Africa and Asia, having strap-shaped twisted petals. The seeds of certain species yield the drug strophanthin

  2. the seeds of any of these plants

Origin of strophanthus

C19: New Latin, from Greek strophos twisted cord + anthos flower

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