[ strof-oid, stroh-foid ]
/ ˈstrɒf ɔɪd, ˈstroʊ fɔɪd /
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noun Geometry.
a plane curve generated by the loci of points p and pprime; on a straight line that intersects the y-axis at a point n and the minus x-axis at a fixed point q, such that pn = npprime; = on, as on changes, where o is the origin. Equation: y2 = x2(x+a)/(ax).
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Origin of strophoid

1875–80; <Greek stróph(os) twine + -oid, modeled on French strophoïde
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Scientific definitions for strophoid

[ strōfoid′ ]

The curve traced out by points P and P′ which lie on lines through a fixed point A where the midpoint M of PP′ is on a fixed line and the absolute value |;PM|; equals the absolute value |;PM|; equals the absolute value |;MO|;, where O is the projection of A onto that fixed line.
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