strung up


  1. informal.
    postpositive tense or nervous

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Example Sentences

A young boy stands feet from the strung-up body, at the front of a crowd gathered around the cross.

There had been an incident—American contractors ambushed, their charred remains strung up on bridge.

Colorful banners commemorating Ramadan have already been strung up.

I was "strung up" to a high degree of expectation and listened every moment to hear the panpipes and the Roo-too-too-it.

We must spend the rest of the bleak night strung up on this dizzy height.

His body was dragged through the streets, and finally strung up before one of the government buildings.

Bige poled our craft out toward the center of the pond while I strung up my rod and put a white miller on the end of the leader.

We found ourselves both glancing at the duck guns strung up under the racks, and then we both laughed and looked foolish. '