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student body


  1. all the students enrolled at an educational institution.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of student body1

First recorded in 1920–25
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Example Sentences

Expert educators contend that schools need to infuse more flexibility, creativity, and community into their practices in order for a diverse student body to succeed.

They had considered what percentage of the student body might never show symptoms while spreading the virus.

Every school is expected to serve at least 25 percent of its student body in person.

Loudoun is pursuing a policy of publicly reporting all cases among its staff and student body, whether the infected individual is working or studying on a campus.

That student body size was too large for the administration to coordinate and enforce a full-on quarantine for incoming students, Basi says.

Although Chloe dominates the student body by day, at night insomnia dominates her.

But 52 years after Meredith went on campus, non-whites are a quarter of µthe student body.

Politically, both the student body and the faculty leaned conservative, especially for a liberal arts school.

None in student body government, none in Boy Scouts, none in volunteer activities.

Huff and Hilliard considered the crackdown a success, but the student body was still passionately divided.

I was invited on condition that I would not let the student-body know of these sub rosa fiestas.

Before nightfall practically the whole student body knew of my good luck.

This shows also that prior to the week of prayer one-fifth of a student body of 1,952 were non-confessors.

At "four" the student body sank back to their seats without even smiling, or without having "cracked a smile."

A senior was a person looked up to by the entire student body, a dignitary to be treated with profound respect.


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