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/ stʌft /


  1. filled with something, esp (of poultry and other food) filled with stuffing
  2. foll by up (of the nasal passages) blocked with mucus
  3. get stuffed! slang.
    an exclamation of contemptuous anger or annoyance, esp against another person

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Example Sentences

Although we purchased stuffed toy dogs for the development phase, at some point one has to test everything with a real dog.

The image of a super-stuffed sandwich is cartoonish, maybe, but desirable.

To treat a meatless palate, go with an easy-to-make stuffed squash.

Obviously, a person’s speech patterns can change for a variety of reasons, whether it’s their mood or a simple stuffed nose.

A stocking stuffed with $324,000 in easily negotiable $20 bills weighs 132 pounds.

Another returned a printer box stuffed with a candy-filled piñata.

Try these 12 expert-backed tips to make it through turkey day without feeling like a stuffed, well, you know.

One image in the film also stuck in my craw: a shot of a little boy in the audience holding up his white stuffed unicorn.

Some of the stuffed animals that have come out of the taxidermy classes are on display in the new institution.

The young man smiled at the girl, as he crushed up the notes and stuffed them into his pocket.

Thinking it was a request for employment which he could not offer, Malcolm stuffed it carelessly into a pocket.

I would rather have Sue Greysons skin stuffed with straw than to have you around the house.

There is no specimen at present in the Museum, the one stuffed by Miss Cumber having, as above mentioned, disappeared.

They are not stuffed, but are rounded at the top, and are about eight inches high, and from one to three feet long.


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