stun gun



a battery-powered, handheld weapon that fires an electric charge when held against a person and activated by a trigger or button, used, especially by police, to immobilize a person briefly and without injury.
any of various handheld weapons that shoot small pellet-filled bags, tranquilizer darts, darts attached to electric wires, or the like to immobilize a person or animal briefly and without injury.

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Origin of stun gun

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Examples from the Web for stun gun

  • As his eyes turned downward, Tee swung the stun-gun in an arc that ended on the back of the guard's head.

    Faithfully Yours|Lou Tabakow
  • Hoddan saw him happily and publicly pick the pockets of the stun-gun's victims.

    The Pirates of Ersatz|Murray Leinster
  • Tee whipped a stun-gun from inside his jacket and waved it at the clerk's back.

    Faithfully Yours|Lou Tabakow

British Dictionary definitions for stun gun

stun gun


a device designed to immobilize an animal or person temporarily without inflicting serious injury
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