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[ stuhn-tid ]


  1. slowed or stopped abnormally in growth or development.

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Other Words From

  • stunted·ness noun
  • un·stunted adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stunted1

First recorded in 1650–60; stunt 1 + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

That’s because when children get inadequate nutrition, they may be described as “stunted,” meaning their brains and bodies do not grow to their full potential.

Native seeds and stumps long stunted by grazing or poor soil conditions can begin to grow again, and their numbers can be supplemented with planted trees.

After work, in the evenings, she would read with Michael before he fell asleep, and she noticed that even in late winter, his reading was stunted.

During inspections of Tiger King Park, officials found several animals suffering from what appeared to be neurological abnormalities, stunted growth and lameness, according to the affidavit.

He found the city’s response was overwhelmingly positive in its scope, downplaying and even omitting internal concerns while giving a stunted view of how prevalent the program really was before the state shut it down.

So other than a stunted television career and a big mouth, what does Wilmer Valderrama have going for him?

I was sitting so low, even the permafrost-stunted spruce trees towered over me.

This view holds the Arab world to be stunted, reflecting a cynicism born from the dismissal of our cultures and capacities.

The elderly are helped into the shade of the few stunted trees nearby.

The more extreme risks range from cardiac problems to stunted growth and a diminished immune system.

The soil is sandy, and affords but little nourishment to the stunted trees with which it is furnished.

Their complexion is a light bronze, stunted in stature, well-knit, and about the middle size.

The wind sang in his ears, and rock, bush, and stunted tree flashed by like so many missiles hurled at him by a giant hand.

She bore Marneffe a child, a stunted, scrawny urchin named Stanislas.

How stunted and dwarfed the groves of our new academies when compared with the rich luxuriance of the gardens of Trinity!





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