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[ stoo-pid-i-tee, styoo- ]


, plural stu·pid·i·ties
  1. the state, quality, or fact of being stupid.
  2. a stupid act, notion, speech, etc.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of stupidity1

1535–45; < Latin stupiditās, equivalent to stupid ( us ) stupid + -itās -ity

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Example Sentences

The Hyde Amendment has always been a measure that dissolves into stupidity under any close examination.

The race may have been foolhardy, but “it blazed the trail to say, this is a valid thing to do,” Jefferson says, though history has not rethought the stupidity of its December timing.

In Lindblom's case, he thought the Earthbound disk he'd discovered was lost to his own younger stupidity.

I like to think such stupidity, insensitivity and ignorance in America cannot be commonplace.

GPT-3 hides its stupidity behind a silver tongue, but it typically takes a few goes to get it to generate something that doesn’t show the cracks.

Now is the time to get rid of the good ole boys club "Organized Stupidity" is worse than "Organized Crime."

His book, Idiot America: How Stupidity Became A Virtue In The Land Of The Free, will be published in June by Broadway Books.

Stupidity and beauty go hand in hand, and wit and ugliness are seldom separated.

Commonplace Dryasdust, and voluminous Stupidity, not worse here than elsewhere, play their Part.

Stupidity in critics and public hurt him as much as insincerity in artists, and when confronted with it he was pitiless.

Stupidity I say, because if they had waited for the Dust-pan Bill, they would have had our fleet entire.

Stupidity and wisdom meet in the same centre of sentiment and resolution, in the suffering of human accidents.